Admiral's Plus Club


Admiral's Plus Club


1.    Membership includes personal pints for member and their spouse at any Santa Maria Brewing Co. location.

2.    Member may purchase any pints for any guests they have with them at founder’s prices.

3.    Member can fill up to two growlers for personal consumption daily.

4.    Member may receive one available wholesale 1/6bbl keg per month for personal use only. Kegs do not roll over.

5.    Membership is transferable, but must be facilitated through Santa Maria Brewing Co. If membership is being sold, Santa Maria Brewing Co. reserves the first right of refusal on all sales of said membership.

6.    If Santa Maria Brewing Co. is sold and new ownership does not wish to warrant “Admiral’s Plus Club” memberships, all memberships will be refunded for full purchase price.

7.    If member is at any time not following conditions of membership or membership becomes detrimental to Santa Maria Brewing Co. or the member, Santa Maria Brewing Co. reserves the right to refund in full and terminate the membership.

8.    The terms of this membership are for the life of Santa Maria Brewing Co. Inc. 

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