2020 Beer Club

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2020 Beer Club.png

2020 Beer Club


1.    Membership includes $3.50, personal pints for member and their spouse at any Santa Maria Brewing Co. location.

2.    Member may purchase pints (but not growlers) for guests at Beer Club price, subject to the following: (A) Guests must be with the member’s party at all times; (B) Pints must be placed exclusively on the member’s tab; and (C) That tab must be paid for by the member with the receipt signed and dated. 

3.    Member can fill up their assigned, “Beer Club 2020” growler that comes with this membership for $8.00. Any other Santa Maria Brewing Co. growler will be filled at regular price. Limit of one growler fill per day at Club price.

4.    Member must show their membership card to receive discounts.

5.    Membership is non-transferable.

6.    Membership expires one year from the below purchase date. Should member choose to extend their membership another year, a mandatory $50 renewal fee must be paid prior to the expiration date. 

7.    Santa Maria Brewing Co. reserves the right to terminate this membership at any point and without advance notice. If termination is due to the member not abiding by the above terms and conditions, or for any other reason within the sole discretion of Santa Maria Brewing Company, membership will be immediately terminated and without any refund.

8.    Santa Maria Brewing Co. reserves the right to unilaterally amend any terms of this contract at any time. Member will be notified in writing of any changes.

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