The Santa Maria Brand

Welcome to the brand guidelines for Santa Maria Brewing Co. If you are one of the lucky few who are helping to steward our brand, please read this webpage very carefully. Reference it as often as you need. Just as our team members are the most important part of SMBC, our brand is potentially the most valuable part. If we treat it well, and it will treat us well. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Happy branding!


Here you'll find all the resources you need to promote Santa Maria beer at your bar, restaurant, event, venue, festival, or anywhere else. If you need specific resources you don't see here, please email

Thanks for supporting Santa Maria Brewing Co.!


Tap Handles

Table Tents

Prompt Sheets

Santa Maria Logos

  • Always be sure to use the correct logo for the context.

  • Always place the logo over a clean background - no photography or complex texture.

  • Never stretch, skew, colorize, rotate, or otherwise alter the logos in any way.

  • Never put the logo on a yellow background, or any color other than white, canvas, red, or black.

  • If you have any questions about usage, please email Thanks!

Primary Logo: The primary logo is the bread and butter of the Santa Maria brand. Always use this logo, and only use any other logos if this doesn’t fit. In print, it should never be reproduced smaller than 1" across. Download the PDF and re-scale if you need the logo for print. You’ll notice that the content in the banner (BREWING CO bookended with small crosses) is always the same color as the background and the same color as the “slashes” inside our letters. If you have any questions, please contact the brand director.

Pro Tip: The word "Positive" means it goes on a white or canvas background. "Negative" means it goes on a red or black background.


Quatrefoil Logo: The quatrefoil logo is an iconic element of the Santa Maria brand. Only use this logo where "Santa Maria Brewing Co" is spelled out nearby, so people know what SMBC stands for. Pro Tip: The letters "SMBC" are always white or canvas with this logo.

Horizontal Logo: This is the logo of last resort. Only use it if you must fit the logo into a very horizontal space.



The Santa Maria brand color scheme uses four colors, plus white in the background when necessary. Use only these colors when making Santa Maria branded materials.

  • Pantone 3517C
  • CMYK: 24/98/100/16
  • RGB: 168/37/36
  • HEX# A82524
  • Pantone 2007C
  • CMYK: 0/33/92/2
  • RGB: 224/173/42
  • HEX# E0AD2A
  • Pantone Black 7C
  • CMYK: 65/64/72/76
  • RGB: 37/32/25
  • HEX# 252019
  • Pantone 9225C
  • CMYK: 3/4/8/0
  • RGB: 245/239/230
  • HEX# F5EFE6

Color Policy

  • Do Not use slight variations of these colors
  • Do Not use completely different colors
  • Do Not swap color purposes
    (e.g. no yellow logo with red banner)

Social Media Guidelines

Coming Soon...

Naming Guidelines

When writing or speaking, whether formally on a press release or informally on a podcast or hashtag, it is important to have a consistent tone of voice for the brand. This includes what we call ourselves. Too many names can be confusing, especially when breaking into new markets who are unfamiliar with our city, region, or brand at all. For this reason, we only use three names:

  1. Santa Maria Brewing Co. - This is our full name, and "Co." always has a period. This is the most formal use.

  2. Santa Maria - This is less formal, more conversational, and is useful the same way "Sierra Nevada" or "Ballast Point" is useful.

  3. SMBC - This is our official abbreviation (as you can see on our quatrefoil logo), and only ever used in written form.

And that's it - no other nicknames, short-hands, or otherwise. Which means SMBrew is out, as are any other confusing variations.

Note: Currently, our email addresses are all "," but that is the only outlier, and will eventually be updated.